Saturday, 19 September 2015


My latest project - a very small space - is progressing.

Last week I presented scaled drawings and a specification booklet to my client.

I love this stage where everything is still on paper, so with no building dust, dirt or noise involved.

It is possible to imagine yourself walking into and around the room... 


At barely 1.5 square metres this was a challenging space to design, with every ounce of space maximised to use its full potential. The pocket door replaces a regular one, freeing door swing space. A peg rail tucks in neatly beneath the window for extra storage. 
A radiator has been replaced by a wall hung towel radiator 
for extra warmth and drying capacity.


Bespoke panelling is used to scale the room and add interest. It is also a useful tool to prettify and disguise necessary boxing (though a large amount of unnecessary boxing will be removed).
Keeping the panelling light, along with the flooring, will help create a sense of extra space. Dark walls have been specified to disappear above the panelling again tricking the eye into thinking the room is larger than it is. 
Slim bespoke cupboards provide essential storage above the WC and below the sink.


Underfloor heating will be installed. 
For minimal loss of head height in what is a relatively high ceilinged room, this is well worth the effort for cosy feet and a regular ambient temperature all year round. Particularly beneficial under the limed wood effect porcelain tiles.


The specification booklet contains pictures and dimensions, and any other useful information, for the client to see exactly what they are getting in terms of furniture, lighting and any accessories. The ceiling light is a semi-flush, tilting LED light. Simple in look this will discreetly hug the ceiling. Task lighting is provided each side of the mirror, providing a focal point as you walk in and also ready for re-touching make-up.

A beautiful round mirror with brass effect to tie in with the lighting either side of it will hang above the sink unit. There is a hook to hold the leather strap in place.


Now, where did I put my magic wand?!

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