Saturday, 21 June 2014


What amazing weather we're having in the UK. Back-to-back sunshine days, with occasionally the odd thunder storm to clear the haze. Not bad living on the south coast when it's like this.

Last night we enjoyed the most incredible sail straight from work to clear my busy brain after a hectic few weeks, both at work and at home.

On the home front: our chimney stack has had to come down and at last the guest room is drying out ready for visitors later in the year.

The roof verges on the gable end have been sorted out so they are fit and ready for what the darker days will throw at us from the sea later this year.

Today, the doors are flung open and I've been cooking up a picnic for this evening.

All of the bad times during the build over the last year disappear on a day like today:

More of this please!

At work I've been putting together some really exciting all house schemes, from a beautiful 18th Century white stuccoed house with loads of period detailing to a small cottage which is being given a spanking new 21st century makeover with poured concrete floors and clean lines. I also have a New England bedroom makeover and a French-look interior to work on. Ah and also a country house with swags and tails.

And that is why my brain is humming along at a frenetic creative pace. Does anyone have a  spare brain or two to rent? It's at times like these that I truly need a brain extension (computer style extra storage).

Time to chill out and enjoy the sun!


Hi all, Hope you've had a good weekend. I now have a new website so do take a look: