Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Deep Blue

Blue is my favourite colour and it just happens to be the colour du jour at present. So indulge me and join me on a little tour of 
b l u e...

The other day I was looking through an interiors magazine and I just happened to leave it open at a picture of the most gorgeous blue wallpaper. That evening to my immense surprise my husband commented. 

This really doesn't happen. But it had. 

He told me how much he liked it; I was so stunned that I'm afraid I can't remember his exact words.

Garrendenny Lane | Click for Home Chic

The said wallpaper was this      รจ


so this got me to thinking about BLUE and why I love it and why it has the ability to zoom in and grab you..........

Designers Guild has been toying with blue for a while now. And nobody does cobalt quite like Designers Guild.  Tricia Guild has never been one to shy away from colour:

Rosario - cobalt - from Designers Guild Havana Fabrics Collection

How beautiful is this Designers Guild Anchala fabric (cobalt again) from their Amrapali Collection?

 feast your eyes on this too:

Jacaranda Wallpaper from Designers Guild Amrapali Collection alongside one of their window displays (King's Road)


You see BLUE is so adaptable. For instance nothing pretties up pink more than a grey blue background; as witnessed by my use of it in this bedroom: 

In this scheme I used grey blue paint on the walls, tempered with a warm cream with a hint of beige for the woodwork and sloping ceiling to temper this otherwise verging-on-the-cold colour. Pink roses on the blue base freshen the scheme and pink bedding & curtain leading edges in a rich pink do the rest. 


With the same scheme carried through to the next door bathroom:  

Cottage chic

Pondicherry Damasks

A collection of 3 co-ordinating collections, offering fabrics for drapes, decoration and upholstery with matching wallpapers.


Linwood too:



Mix it up with red for a beachy 
sun-bleached feel
william yeoward (at Designers Guild) polperro fabrics are boat-y-licious




and talking beachy check out Sanderson's latest offerings. spring is round the corner with summer holidays seeming closer now the sun has decided to shake off it's wintry rays..... so think tourist hotspot St Ives, Cornwall:


team with Sanderson's 'ooti' fabric to feel the
fresh sea breeze

Hang on a minute  -  Lime green for zesty salty sea flavours...
- that reminds me of the following:


in a sun-drenched location by the sea blue works in all its guises. here a pretty striped holiday cushion sits happily in its surroundings...


And in this kitchen scheme 
my proud blue kitchen island 
brings my country kitchen to life 
alongside my blue wall clock and 
handmade checked blue blinds. 
Notice also the dark blue detail 
of the kettle


yellow & blue are also happy bedfellows:

In this scheme for Sanderson I have tempered this unctuous mustard yellow with a cold blue
and calming grey

Reflected in Nature on a stormy Shropshire day


The point is this - BLUE is a wonderful, eminently useable and adaptable colour. 

Whether used to accent, to calm, to highlight, or to sing in its own right, 
it cannot fail to delight.

Let me finish with the words of Yves Klein who succinctly puts into words why BLUE is  so loveable and will always be quite literally out there:

'Blue has no dimensions. 
It is beyond dimensions, whereas the other colours are not. All colours arouse specific associative ideas, psychologically material or tangible, while blue suggests at most the sea and sky, and they, after all, are in actual, visible nature what is most abstract'. 





Sunday, 12 February 2012

Finishing my Decorexing - well Part 2 anyway

You will remember that I only made it halfway through Decorex. I feel the need to finish what I started...

So I'll do what all time deficient people do and snapshot it for you:


Emerie et Cie

Whitehead Furniture


Andrew Martin


GP&J Baker


Highlights? Nicky Haslam's interview with House & Garden sticks in my mind (but that's for another blogg)


Hi all, Hope you've had a good weekend. I now have a new website so do take a look: