Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How is my home?

H O W   I S   M Y    H O M E ? ? ?

I apologise for my absence!    

Our home is taking longer to perfect than I thought it would but isn't that always the case?! Why is it that most builders don't seem to understand the concept of time passing? There is always a certain air of manyana.

To be honest, although our builder is undoubtedly a very nice man, I now cannot wait to see the back of him.

After a 5-month job turned into pretty much a year-long one, (don't get me started) we are at last attacking a snagging list.

Here's the thing with snagging though ... the longer the builder stays the more snagging there is (that is, the more you notice). I am a perfectionist by nature anyway and I'm VERY good at lists.

T h i s weekend past brought beautiful weather at last to the Uk: long awaited sunshine, after months of endless and heavy rain and flooding.

Luckily, though we are near the sea, our house is built up on a slight hill above the road and therefore we were flood free. However, we were not leak free. Driving rain from the sea meant that water found its way in.

Despite this....

I  c a n   n o w  l o o k  b a c k   on a dreadful few months and honestly say that I am glad that this happened towards the end of the build, rather than further down the line, when we would have been settled and organised. It was all relatively quickly sorted whilst builders were still on site (but of course there is a longer snagging list!)

S o   f o r  t h e  f i r s t  t i m e  t h i s  w e e k e n d, we pushed the new bi-fold doors back and enjoyed the views out to the garden and the views back into our soon to be finished and in-part-at-this-stage gorgeous home.

A f t e r  m o n t h s  o f  b u i l d i n g, when we many times we thought we would forever be out of love with our home, I can now safely say that we are falling back in.

From the inside out

From the kitchen across to the dining area;
showing Zoffany Lotus Flower curtains,
with a Kobe Mandra heading and footer,  & Zoffany blind

From the patio outside with my Olive tree on the left;
a very sunny spot in the morning

I really am beginning to fall back in love with my old-to-new