Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I Focus on Decorex

Sunday was my Focus on Decorex day and I did both -
Chelsea Royal Hospital followed by Chelsea Harbour - Decorex followed by Focus.

There was much to love. 

What did I discover during my wanderings...

My favourite Byron & Byron pole has been the scratched ivory pole with rope finials -
so gorgeous in a beachy scheme:

The news is that Byron & Byron have started to and will be providing an option to have any pole painted in a range of Sanderson paint colours - fabulous for matching to a scheme.

Next port of call was the Harlequin stand where I discovered that Harlequin have collaborated with Clarissa Hulse to produce a beautiful collection of wallpapers and fabrics:

Kallianthi Collection
fabrics and wallpapers with
a botanical theme

photo courtesy of

This was a colourful display to attract passers by

Complete with stylish flowers
echoing one of the chosen display fabrics

At the other end of the spectrum Tissus d'Helene 's arena contained a shop dummy prettily dressed in an understated stylish ditsy print:

I loved these; there was an element of
stumbling across some vintage prints
in a French brocante market

Timeless classics.

Emery & Cie also impressed with a tiled 'room' approached

through a wrought iron gate  - 

   tres jolie................

I sighed at the raw beauty of New England Shutter Company's                                   beautiful smoked oak shutters -                                                                                                           hmm I really would like some of those in my house;                                                                      perfect for a beach side home                                                                                 
 Horizons new at   ANDREW MARTIN 

An ice sculpture set the scene and this area was packed with atmosphere

My favourite items here were these inviting chairs

Santiago    Mapperton   
'Santiago' and 'Mapperton' fabrics & 'Newton' wallpaper courtesy of
 All from the luscious 'Inventor' collection

Prize of the day goes to LINWOOD for their stunning vintage and childrens' collections.  I am a big fan and love their collaboration with 'clothes plasters' illustrator Jenny Maizels

There is also a childrens'book to tie in with the collection - genius


and vintage..........  



Vintage heaven luxuriating in heavy velvets complete with digitally printed 'faded' areas on their 'fin de siecle' fabrics trimmed with heavy pom pom trim

And huge thank yous to Warrick Gloyn for showing me round and providing me with a much needed bottle of water for the journey home!

ps. your kids look cute as buttons in the publicity photos   as does your dog, Noodles

  I'm a big fan of this British company 

to be continued.................................

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Chair Lust

This week I am guilty of    CHAIR LUST

I just happened to glance into the inviting window of a local Charity shop during my lunch break and I beheld a thing of great beauty. 

Well strictly speaking at present it looks awful...

but believe me when I say this object of my lust is an ugly duckling waiting to be a beautiful swan...

This thing is a    CHAIR

I think it is a 1920s chair


Imagine the CHAIR dressed in a natty navy and cream stripe, with navy piping and with this as a trim:

  stripes...... and continuing on the navy theme......


or both......



All courtesy of Baker Lifestyle fabric library at

How would it be if I dressed the CHAIR in one of the following:

   this one with yellow buttons and piping   or purple buttons and piping

  keep it simple with self-piping and buttons; very sweet

or go dotty with spotty fabric       in any colour

would this work? -     yes I think so with cool cream buttons and piping

and what about the Midas touch -
   or squiggly stripes 
 or dare to keep it plain with conrasting black piping and buttons -

hmmm I think that may be my favourite


Unfortunately this story of CHAIR LUST does not have a happy ending

for the moment I caught sight of the CHAIR  I also

caught sight of the said   CHAIR 's       SOLD SIGN


how I wept

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I love Scandi

I love Scandi

I am in love with everything Scandi.  This love has lasted too long to be a passing phase or short crush.  It started with the discovery at work of the most gorgeous Jab fabric books from their ‘Four Seasons’ collection.

It has culminated this evening in my delving into why Scandi style is so appealing.  I have delved via my google search engine and now have the means to live happily ever after scandi style....

v v v v v v v

First I must buy my very own Scandi –style cabin as found at www.mydecom (Scandy cabin 4.2 x 4.2)

Scandy Log Cabin 4.2x4.2m

Of course it’s not totally the real thing...

 ...but not far off

A home painted in the traditional 'Falun red' color. Photo: Vendome Press

Next I must decorate my Scandy house's interior in Jab – yes, for me it must be Jab

From the ‘Four Seasons’ collection, as seen below.  Do not question why;

just take it from me: you will be happy.


I might not be able to resist papering one room or a wall of one room, say the kitchen, in this gorgeous ‘Penguin Green’; £40.00 for a 10 metre length roll @

Furniture-wise it has to be a design classic............

                                       With iconic design in the form of  Hans Wegner’s wishbone chair

And why not the following.................

Designed by Matthias Sรถderberg

With lighting courtesy of

In the form of no less than a Moomin light fitting

Moomin lamp - Moomin - Muurla
and another design classic:                     PH Artichoke by Louis Poulsen

                                                      Or perhaps the ‘Norm 69’ lampshade

Having maxed out on these things I might have to work some high street magic ......


With a few bits and pieces from

My guilty pleasure ...........


I will however buy everything from the Huset shop; ‘HUSET’ meaning ‘the house’ at . Why wouldn’t you looking at these scandilicious examples below:

Lotta Kuhlhorn Eva Tea Towels
Gustavsberg Salix Coffee Cup and Saucer    Camilla Engdahls Arla Birds                                Gustavsberg Blue and Red Aster Coffee Cup                           


A few essentials from  Skandium  would see me through

Such as this Puutarhurin parhaat plywood tray by Marimekko

Marimekko can now be found at John Lewis  so if I decide I can’t live without it I might also opt for this Kippis Wallpaper in Black/White

Pretty accessories like these are a must for tying presents for friends or simply because I need a flash of prettiness attached to a wooden heart or picture courtesy of ‘gertie & mabel’

Rustic Charm Ribbon

Check out www.gertie&
for accessories  will cater for any more whims, providing candles for my endless evenings
be it winter or summer

Because I would want to go for long walks through the snow-laden trees when the long winter comes, I will have to by myself the archetypal scandi sweater; not the christmas knit for me but a chic nordic number.

And since it would be rude not to, I will buy one too for Daniel Craig (rumoured to soon be Blomvkist in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) who of course I will ask to be my nordic lover.

I always say, if you’re going to do something you might as well do it properly.............

                              v   v   v   v   v   v   v v


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