Thursday, 16 October 2014

EMMA @ DECOREX 2014 - part one

OK so Decorex has been and gone. However, I did make it, just, by the skin of my teeth; so here is my delayed contribution, for what it's worth.
I have to say that, having been disappointed by last year's venue, I  loved this year's 
Access was made easy via a pretty slick arrangement of bus collections (mine from Richmond Station). 

Clipboard huggers were positioned at great vantage points to direct and everyone was smiling. The bus was awash with chatter and I sat next to an author so the trip went quickly whilst we nattered. All good so far.

Rain hadn't dampened spirits on arrival at the tents. There was a lovely feeling of arriving at a party which I adored because it built excitement.

And inside didn't disappoint either, with plenty of places (albeit pricey)to rest your brain and feet and pick up a coffee/snack/meal/champagne.

And, with a coffee or two inside me off I went up and down the grids, stopping only when something gorgeous caught my eye...
which it did:

Love these dip-dye lampshades.
Glorious colours against the  Copper & Silk Stand.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

KLC DIPLOMA - getting there...

Finally getting there! I have been working on an Interior Design Diploma at KLC School of Design for a few years now and recently completed my Module III (of  5). It was a hard slog, being shoe-horned in before and after work but I now have the result and it was worth it:
A (92%)!  

Here's a little sample of the some of the work involved.. can't wait to get started on Module IV!!

Jewellery Boutique






Friday, 3 October 2014


My BEDROOM SCHEME has been lovingly created and the finishing touches will be happening over the next few weeks:

I have given in to my wallpaper obsession (below). This will be my first ever use of wallpaper in a home of my own to date and I mean to make it count. This gorgeous Cole and Son wallpaper will sit on the wall behind my bed, showing off the gorgeous wall lights from The Historic Lighting Company:

Squiggle wallpaper by Cole and Son, from their Vivienne Westwood collection.
Maria Banjo Wall Light

Clarke and Clarke Foxgloves in Mineral.

Curtains are made from this lovely sprig-gy Foxglove fabric by Clarke and Clarke. I love the naive sketchiness of this design; it is extremely calming - like watching grass stalks in the Summer against a blue blue sky.

There will be a blackout roller blind inside the window recess to prevent Summer light disturbing sleep. I have shamelessly mixed my florals and patterns in this room, all based around taupe and navy, with pops of a lighter blue thrown in to lift.


William Yeoward (for Designers Guild)
with Sanderson 
drop bead fringe.
I was lucky to purchase the Anthony in the Stone colourway before it was discontinued.
(See the link above for available colourways).

My bed is a wonderful cream brass bedstead which was purchased a few years ago from Seventh Heaven in Shropshire, since re-named.

It is the most solid, impressive and the comfortable bed I have ever slept in. It has a princess-and-the-pea quality, being higher up than most contemporary beds.

Floorboards are painted in a soft neutral, as are the walls and paintwork.Door furniture is metal. I don't have a problem with mixing metals, especially where the background is neutral as I like the warmth and variety that this brings to a scheme. 

A most wonderful carpenter has been on site for the last month, working out of my garage; a true craftsman. He has been building storage for me throughout the house and a wardrobe has appeared in a week, fitted to my storage needs. For now it is unfinished but the painters return in a week to complete the job. I am keeping it light in colour to maximise the sense of light and space in this lovely room, but inside is a different matter - it will be navy to tie in and show off my clothes and shoes.

Beautiful ply handles are waiting to be fitted, 
once the painting is done:

As for bedding, I think I will wait until the room is complete but I am tempted by the following:

Linen Bedding in Light or Dark Grey.

 hmm.. not sure...
AT ANY RATE I am extremely pleased with my almost-finished bedroom. I have a bedside table to upcycle and that, with a few well chosen books and magazines, is that.



Hi all, Hope you've had a good weekend. I now have a new website so do take a look: