Friday, 3 October 2014


My BEDROOM SCHEME has been lovingly created and the finishing touches will be happening over the next few weeks:

I have given in to my wallpaper obsession (below). This will be my first ever use of wallpaper in a home of my own to date and I mean to make it count. This gorgeous Cole and Son wallpaper will sit on the wall behind my bed, showing off the gorgeous wall lights from The Historic Lighting Company:

Squiggle wallpaper by Cole and Son, from their Vivienne Westwood collection.
Maria Banjo Wall Light

Clarke and Clarke Foxgloves in Mineral.

Curtains are made from this lovely sprig-gy Foxglove fabric by Clarke and Clarke. I love the naive sketchiness of this design; it is extremely calming - like watching grass stalks in the Summer against a blue blue sky.

There will be a blackout roller blind inside the window recess to prevent Summer light disturbing sleep. I have shamelessly mixed my florals and patterns in this room, all based around taupe and navy, with pops of a lighter blue thrown in to lift.


William Yeoward (for Designers Guild)
with Sanderson 
drop bead fringe.
I was lucky to purchase the Anthony in the Stone colourway before it was discontinued.
(See the link above for available colourways).

My bed is a wonderful cream brass bedstead which was purchased a few years ago from Seventh Heaven in Shropshire, since re-named.

It is the most solid, impressive and the comfortable bed I have ever slept in. It has a princess-and-the-pea quality, being higher up than most contemporary beds.

Floorboards are painted in a soft neutral, as are the walls and paintwork.Door furniture is metal. I don't have a problem with mixing metals, especially where the background is neutral as I like the warmth and variety that this brings to a scheme. 

A most wonderful carpenter has been on site for the last month, working out of my garage; a true craftsman. He has been building storage for me throughout the house and a wardrobe has appeared in a week, fitted to my storage needs. For now it is unfinished but the painters return in a week to complete the job. I am keeping it light in colour to maximise the sense of light and space in this lovely room, but inside is a different matter - it will be navy to tie in and show off my clothes and shoes.

Beautiful ply handles are waiting to be fitted, 
once the painting is done:

As for bedding, I think I will wait until the room is complete but I am tempted by the following:

Linen Bedding in Light or Dark Grey.

 hmm.. not sure...
AT ANY RATE I am extremely pleased with my almost-finished bedroom. I have a bedside table to upcycle and that, with a few well chosen books and magazines, is that.


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