With THE HOUSE finished and finishing touches galore to make I find myself thinking about up-cycling. So many of us have become adept at recycling and re-using everyday items rather than chucking out and buying new, egged on not least by our reluctance to dispose. (If we can't re-use then we ebay to give someone else the chance to re-use).

There are some amazing things out there and, as an avid Pinner on Pinterest I see them all. (See my board devoted to this very thing - 'UPGRADE'  

If you are not confident about how or where to start, or like me just time-poor, there are some fabulous courses out there which will give you short cuts or avoid you making timely mistakes.

Here's my pick of the best in the South East:

Annie Sloan has an ever-growing reputation for her fabulous Chalk Paint. If you would like some tips then she runs her own courses:

Annie Sloan

Or if you would like to get crafty with your sewing machine in order to recycle any fabric you have collected how about this:

Applemoon Interiors

The Textile Space

If, like many, you are a great fan of 'The Great British Sewing Bee' head to their 'How to' section on their website to make like they did in the last series!:  

The Great British Sewing Bee  


However the creative force takes you:



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