Saturday, 23 June 2012

S c i o n

Last month, or was it the beginning of this?! - 
I flagged up the new homebrand fresh from the Harlequin Group 
which I'd spotted at 
Grand Designs.
Now seems a good time to come back to it.
It's been windy and there's been far too much rain this month, 
with brief sunshine days rather few and far between.
It's time to think warm. 
It's time to think fresh air & sunny, breezy days. 
Despite the weather to date, I remain hopeful.
And that's where Scion comes in: 
Just thinking about their promo pics brings those 
sunny days back again. 

Shots of tea towels in Scion's 
signature fabrics fluttering in a gentle breeze 
.... lovely:

breathe in and out; picnic under the trees; soft earth underfoot; spot the sky through the branches....heaven

Scion Story

And I adore the fresh vibe of these seaside fabrics -
one look and you can smell the ozone

what do I love most about their fabrics & wallcoverings?

the fact that all are manufactured in good old Blighty, 
with a commitment to the environment & sustainability. 
Even better.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Savoir Beds Grand Prix Prize 2012

Savoir Beds Grand Prix Prize 2012

This is a competition open to design students to design a Headboard for the luxury bed brand 'Savoir Beds'.

The theme for this year is 'ORGANIC'.

I have entered a design made from a Designers Guild cotton fabric which is made from 100% recycled threads.

I would love you to vote for me on the Savoir Beds Grand Prix Facebook page.
Every vote really does count as the winner of the most 'likes' goes through to the next stage of voting.

So you know which design to vote for you can click on the link below to see mine:

Then vote @ Savoir Design Grand Prix on facebook

I very much appreciate your support  -  thank you !

Monday, 4 June 2012

Part Two Of Grand Designs 2012 - Then That's It I Promise

....I need to mention the Dulux room sets which drew inspiration from the new range of 'Scion' fabrics & wallpapers:

The room sets were fresh and up to date with retro touches like the Smeg fridge-freezer, which has become the stalwart of every kitchen as a style icon worth investing in. 

The red pops against the green bringing life to what would have otherwise been a dark corner. Wood has been set against wood so the look seems thrown together and not too design-led. 

In the middle picture a dwell bar stool can just be seen in the foreground, with fluid-shaped design classic Panton Chairs in white to lift the scheme.

My favourite room set was this scandi-feel living room. I adored the seating area by a cosy fire with fireside seating area too just in case you needed to get even closer. 
An arc floor lamp was leaning temptingly over just the spot to sit and read. 

Wharfside furniture provided an aspirational coffee & dining table & chairs. 

Just enough depth to the tables and chairs; really top dollar thought given to their design.

But my favourite piece of furniture? 

This sofa which I actually bought at the show (whoops)for a healthy discount - just exactly what I was looking for. 

I tried it out, just to make sure.

Sadly the totally lush shoes didn't come with it, though I'm sure they would have fitted me.

So looking forward to many hours relaxing. 

I couldn't afford to buy the rest of the set though I happily would have if I could have.

I will have to start 
saving my pennies.

Clever bolsters are positioned to slide down behind the back cushions for a more upright seating experience for those of short leggage. 

Fabulous company called Love Your Home For Less

Why would I buy a sofa for an extension that's not yet built? Because I've had my eye on this for some time and I bagged a bargain.

On my post-show wish list I have another item.. the list is growing ever longer. 

But honestly check out this chair; it ticks every design box - good looking and practical; comfy and fresh. 
I can guarantee its comfiness having also tried it out at the show.(Seating opportunities in a day-long ramble are not to be underestimated).

This beautiful chair is the brainchild of Tortie Hoare who has used boiled leather as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic or resin to make this piece. It has, not surprisingly, been snapped up by already, which you will probably know by now is a favourite haunt of mine as a promotor of new designers, and should be retailing at around £200 to £300. Let it be mine!

So, almost done now but I can't leave without adding this adorable cooker to my list:

A zingy colour splash for a grey & white kitchen. Wish I could add this to my kitchen wish list but the truth is it is a high end Bertazzoni in all of its Italian sublimity: 
the stuff that dreams are made of. Audrey Hepburn would have cooked on one of these in 'Roman Holiday' I'm sure. 

So, that's me done with Grand Designs 2012. 

Despite my initial whinging, I saw some truly inspirational things and I guess that's the point of it - something for everybody....


“Awesome is loud but awe is quiet.” 




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