Saturday, 23 June 2012

S c i o n

Last month, or was it the beginning of this?! - 
I flagged up the new homebrand fresh from the Harlequin Group 
which I'd spotted at 
Grand Designs.
Now seems a good time to come back to it.
It's been windy and there's been far too much rain this month, 
with brief sunshine days rather few and far between.
It's time to think warm. 
It's time to think fresh air & sunny, breezy days. 
Despite the weather to date, I remain hopeful.
And that's where Scion comes in: 
Just thinking about their promo pics brings those 
sunny days back again. 

Shots of tea towels in Scion's 
signature fabrics fluttering in a gentle breeze 
.... lovely:

breathe in and out; picnic under the trees; soft earth underfoot; spot the sky through the branches....heaven

Scion Story

And I adore the fresh vibe of these seaside fabrics -
one look and you can smell the ozone

what do I love most about their fabrics & wallcoverings?

the fact that all are manufactured in good old Blighty, 
with a commitment to the environment & sustainability. 
Even better.

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