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I've been thinking about holidays recently. What is perhaps not surprising, given the weather we've been having, is that what most appeals to me right this minute is cosying up in some gorgeous welcoming country house hotel with all creature comforts to hand and lovely things to look at.

Though I'm usually a real fresh air freak, at present the sitting inside and looking out appeals to me more than the outside looking in. I'm at the end of a busy week, feeling a little tired and in need of recharging my batteries. If the weather doesn't change for the warmer, this might become an ongoing theme.  

So look at what I read just a minute ago and see if you agree that what's below TOTALLY fits the brief:

"The offices and production units for Elanbach are based in the grounds of Llangoed Hall, a country house hotel renovated by the late Sir Bernard Ashley. The hotel is situated on the banks of the river Wye in Mid Wales with views over the Black Mountains.

... The hotel is also a showcase for Elanbach fabrics. Both the public rooms and the bedrooms are individually decorated with antique furniture and artwork. Elanbach designs are chosen to complement the decor and are coordinated in the Elanbach style".

I already love Elanbach, especially ever since I was offered a Welsh Cake (homemade and delicious) and a cup of tea in their Chelsea Harbour Showroom about a year ago.  So this is definitely shaping up to be my perfect break.

Looking at their website again and leafing through their beautifully put together catalogue, I remember why I first got excited when I first visited their showroom (apart from the Welsh Cake!):

What do I love about Elanbach?

  • each design can be printed on bleached linen, natural linen, cotton satin or fine cotton, therefore giving each design different looks & a different feel
  • digital printing is used which enables production to stay UK based whilst also meaning that fabrics can be printed and delivered to customers within 14 days
  • design inspiration is often sourced from historical archives, which makes many designs timeless and comfortable to live with, whilst also fresh and new - a perfect balance

  • Elanbach have made a green commitment:
i.e.: technology used minimises waste from the printing process; there is no left-over colour owing to the use of digital printing; water & energy is saved owing to use of pigment that doesn't need the usual 'wash-off' after printing; there is no waste fabric as printing starts and stops instantly & last, but definitely not least, most of Elanbach's fabrics are woven in the UK - all good stuff
  • Elanbach offer a 'bespoke' colouring service which means that for an extra £30.00 any design can be printed in a colourway chosen from a 'colour blanket' or for £50.00 a colour of your own choice. An extra £5 per metre is also charged but what you are getting at the end of it all is a bespoke fabric for under £45.00/metre - not bad eh?

There are too many wonderful collections for me to show them all here but I will cherry pick the ones that resonate with me this weekend:

Vintage Florals



I have to include the 'Paris' collection as I adore Rachel Khoo's cookery programme filmed in her tiny Parisien flat. I think that is why I love the Elanbach fabrics so much - they are emotive (the historical aspect again?) - looking at this collection brings to mind days spent wandering round Paris; croissant or pain au chocolat for breakfast dipped into earthy fragrant coffee about as strong as you can take it; eating lunch in an out-of-the-way bistro with a prix fixe menu, with everything included you'd have wanted to eat if you could have chosen; dipping into a small flea market and finding something extraordinary..... 


Spa Stripes



There are plenty of other individual designs that I love from various collections, including some useable geometrics:

Patty 2, Teresa 3 & Pascale 1 from the new 'Olivia' collection 

Bagheera Blue from the 'Bagheera' collection & Dancing Ledge Yellow/Blue from the 'Rose' Collection

Toile Lattice Cream/Blue
from the 'Toile' Collection

And this sweet design from the
new 'Ragtime' collection

So, what will I find when I check in at Llangoed Hall? I've already visited a few countries in my journey through the Elanbach Design Gallery - there are references not only to the UK, France (including the 'BA collection' with its bright angular designs; Italy in 'Florence'; America ('Ragtime'). Also to Africa in the 'African' collection; India in 'Simla' and so on. (Do have a look - each collection is strong in design and concept).

I have already draped (figuratively speaking) my favourite designs over chairs and up against windows in my yet to be transformed home.

As you know from previous posts and may have guessed from this one - I am predisposed towards Blue so this room appeals

But I think, on reflection that this is my favourite:

Now where did I put my suitcase?

PS. Elanbach also make WALLPAPER in every one of their designs  

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