Thursday, 18 August 2016

FAUXLIAGE - pick of the bunch

There's a growing trend for Fauxliage

Cox & Cox - from their stunning collection of faux flowers and plants

Low maintenance, long-lasting, no colour fade - just remember to dust; no water required. 

And there are some really good blossoms, stems, plants and trees out there that 
look like the real thing (almost).

Ranunculus from Curated Living

Smycka Faux - Ikea
As a self-professed lover of fresh flowers there is a slight but in my head...

However, if you don't have access to fresh flowers either through location or because of the cost (and let's face it, unless you grow your own, fresh flowers are pricey); or if you simply don't have the time or inclination to arrange your own then these are a great alternative.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a florist then you can use single foliage stems to fortify a fresh flower display.

Faux can be instantly stylish as and when you need them; available in displays of naturalistic or colour-popping hues.

You can keep it seasonal in a revolving set of displays or enjoy your favourite flower all year round.

If you miss the fragrance of fresh there are a million home scents to choose from in the form of candles or diffusers (let's keep that for another time).

Bright purple hydrangea bouquet from Amaranthine Blooms

Munstead lavender from Wyld Home

Create impact with a  few stems in a gorgeous vase

This hand tied arrangement is perfect if you want instant gratification

Spirea stem from Heals
Sarah Raven's everlasting Hydrangea
Faux trailing ivy by Rockett St George
How about some faux ivy in a Macramé Hanging Planter from Mia Fleur?
Burgundy English rose from Amaranthine Blooms

I'm definitely coming round.

Check out these incredible faux plants too:

Mini Mohave Cactus from Wyld Home

Abigail Aherne's Yakima Succulent a snip at under £20

Faux Potted Tall Bird of Paradise from
Rockett St George

To channel your inner jungle try this artificial cheese plant from Blooming Artificial

Monday, 15 August 2016


I've been working on a Cloakroom concept recently - plenty of textures to create a classic look with a fresh coastal twist.
Don't be afraid of using wallpaper in a well-ventilated Cloakroom for visual impact. 
There is a wallpaper out there for every room in the house. Just do your research to make sure that your favourite wallpaper is fit for purpose.
You can also treat it with a suitable protecting coat for extra care. Again check with the supplier for a compatible product. If in doubt test drive a sample of the wallpaper for peace of mind.


Hi all, Hope you've had a good weekend. I now have a new website so do take a look: