Sunday, 23 June 2013


Scandi Style   is set to run and run. 

Our love affair with all interiors 
is still alive, and always will be


Why are we currently so   

I personally think that it's a return to good design, plain and simple that we are thirsting for.. honest design that is not overdone or over-designed.

We are reacting to:

excessive over bling-y-ness

We long for truthful interiors, beauty relating back to nature, objects capable of lasting long enough to have a history.

There has been a big push in the Design industry for pared back design that always has a reason for being. Not designing something just for the sake of it - an item has to have a purpose and be able to stand up to critical scrutiny and years of use.

We are becoming more discriminatory about what we allow into our homes. The current financial climate forces most of us to really think about where we are putting our money. Each item, from potato peeler to sofa must be able to convince us that it has a right to our house space before we commit to it.

Look at any modern Scandinavian Design and you'll see what I mean:

Eikon Pendant Lamp 

 During the cold Scandinavian winters, the warmth and glow of a wood fire keeps Nordic families cosy. When designer Niklas Jessen designed his Eikon Pendant Lamp, he wanted to explore the modern principles of Scandinavian design without losing shared traditions. This pendant lamp evokes the warmth of winter fires, with its ash wood base a beautifully calming feature. The pendant is quintessential Scandinavian design: it prioritises functionality without eliminating grace and beauty.

I ' m     s o l d

Sunday, 9 June 2013

l o v e l y l i g h t i n g

My house now looks like this:

That is ..    a work in progress

There is only one thing to do in this situation

and that is to be distracted by lovely things.

I am therefore treating myself to images of fabulous lighting.

I'm almost there with what I have chosen to adorn 

the walls of my new-born house.

And this is pretty exciting.

I'll share with you the   l o v e l y   l i g h t i n g     I have 

discovered in my travels away from brick dust...

and into the   l i g h t  ..

Here's my selection from the lighting lovelies out there:

                                                            For my living room:

Swing-Arm wall light by Bodie and Fou

For my kitchen:

Original Basic Wall Lamp from Idyll Home

  For my utility room:

Tinsmiths Lathe Lamp in Black

                                                               For the guest room desk area:  
Product Image

Kronos dark grey wall lamp from Furnish

                                 For the master bedroom:

Ceramic wall light - Baileys Home and Garden online store


                                                         For over the stairs:

Perles Blanches pendant light from Furnish

And for the dining area:

  Stone Pendant Light from Heal's

Heavenly huh??


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