Friday, 26 April 2013


THE BUILDING has been going on for a week - the footings have been dug.

Some cement has been poured, though not all of it on account of a drain being in every so slightly the wrong place... whoops. 

Reassured that this will cost extra 100s and not 1000s of pounds though this squeezes the budget ever tighter. Yikes.

Today some blockwork even went in and we can begin to see how our home will be (though of course it's still deceptive as the wall shown to the right will mostly come down as will the back wall of the house leading to this new area... SPACE!!!


lovely blinds at work for a guest bedroom in Villa Nova fabric, with a Harlequin bauble trim - understated & neutral


Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Beautiful curtains at work waiting to go up in the Hall of a gorgeous house I've just spec'd - Kobe Mandra in two colours joined with Zoffany curtain braid.

Such a gorgeous blanket like fabric you just want to curl up in it and I love it with the cartridge heading. Simple but effective in a house where its owner loves textures and muted shades...

BUT... back home the footings were being dug:

There is an increasing layer of dust building (already!) but how exciting is that!

We also have our own digger now - and yes, that is my husband having a go. 

The down-side of having a hole in the ground is that it makes the size of the building that will go up small. 

But it's just a trick. 

Once the outside walls come down to incorporate the new building everything will fall to 


It's just a case of staying calm....


* * *

Monday, 22 April 2013

The building has started....

Garage last Summer

So, the building has finally started..

        After 2 years of dreaming about 

                 REVIVING our home

I came home to this - 

Garage Today

      Builders: 1   Garage: Nil

 The end has come off the garage to make way        for the house to push out downstairs. 
But it's at moments like these that you ask yourself: have I made the right decision? 

We decided that, in a community where the 
s e a   is at the end of the road and you want to dump your 
s a i l i n g  gear in a sink without dripping it through the house, a side gate is a must.

B U T   

I'm looking at this and thinking: 'what a waste of space at the side of the house!'

Then I'm thinking: 'but that's space to store a boat in years to come and anyway we made a well judged un-rushed decision'.

There's a constant dialogue in my head - reasoning & questioning.  

Our house may never look like this

but it is still our home and 
I don't want it to end up looking like this - 

I'm sure that once everything is done I'll be pleased but, in my line of work, when it comes to my own home I feel I lack a sense of clarity... (and that worries me).

Watch this space over the coming weeks to see what happens to


(   because there's no place like home

* * * )


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