Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Beautiful curtains at work waiting to go up in the Hall of a gorgeous house I've just spec'd - Kobe Mandra in two colours joined with Zoffany curtain braid.

Such a gorgeous blanket like fabric you just want to curl up in it and I love it with the cartridge heading. Simple but effective in a house where its owner loves textures and muted shades...

BUT... back home the footings were being dug:

There is an increasing layer of dust building (already!) but how exciting is that!

We also have our own digger now - and yes, that is my husband having a go. 

The down-side of having a hole in the ground is that it makes the size of the building that will go up small. 

But it's just a trick. 

Once the outside walls come down to incorporate the new building everything will fall to 


It's just a case of staying calm....


* * *

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