Monday, 22 April 2013

The building has started....

Garage last Summer

So, the building has finally started..

        After 2 years of dreaming about 

                 REVIVING our home

I came home to this - 

Garage Today

      Builders: 1   Garage: Nil

 The end has come off the garage to make way        for the house to push out downstairs. 
But it's at moments like these that you ask yourself: have I made the right decision? 

We decided that, in a community where the 
s e a   is at the end of the road and you want to dump your 
s a i l i n g  gear in a sink without dripping it through the house, a side gate is a must.

B U T   

I'm looking at this and thinking: 'what a waste of space at the side of the house!'

Then I'm thinking: 'but that's space to store a boat in years to come and anyway we made a well judged un-rushed decision'.

There's a constant dialogue in my head - reasoning & questioning.  

Our house may never look like this

but it is still our home and 
I don't want it to end up looking like this - 

I'm sure that once everything is done I'll be pleased but, in my line of work, when it comes to my own home I feel I lack a sense of clarity... (and that worries me).

Watch this space over the coming weeks to see what happens to


(   because there's no place like home

* * * )

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