Friday, 23 October 2015

Ready steady draw

Been a busy week or two. 

Factoring in a shoulder op wasn't part of the plan once I'd embarked on drawing up final plans and elevations for a job due to start, and drilling down on joinery detailing.. 

But I managed to complete all in time before my op and my shoulder is on the mend. 

Now trying to obey orders and rest up (hmm that doesn't come easily) ready to start on site next week, with lovely things arriving every day ready for the job. 


Joinery drawings .. tick

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Decorex at Syon Park 2015

Bert's Box lifted the gloom
 Yes, it was still a bit of a schlep to reach Decorex 2015 at Syon Park but the rewards were evident on arrival.

The bus from Richmond Park was awash with chatter undeterred by the driver mis-judging his turning and leading to us re-tracing our steps after 20 minutes sat in traffic.

It was a rainy day and there were some jobsworthys at the 'form an orderly queue' entrance but I took no notice and did not let these hiccoughs spoil my day.

Stands were still being set up as we entered (on the dot) and the fantastic cafe and eateries advertised on the whole contained generic unappetising sandwiches with the exception of the food market which suffered as a result of too-long queues and lack of adequate equipment.

However, moving on......

There was lots to see as ever and Decorex provided some gems. Of course there were plenty of things seen before but there was always something else for my magpie-eye to move on to. 

Bert's Big Box by Bert & May as an opener was inspired. I saved this box of goodies until last and I loved this small space living, packed with aspirational tiling and fixtures. 
Mini dime bars helped lift the gloom of a rainy day too (Thanks).

Sarah Hardaker was there again with some beautiful new fabrics on display; all instantly recognisable as hers. The quality of the fabrics and prints is wonderful and in particular a lovely bird print with real movement and a punchy herringbone caught my eye:

Warwick Fabrics were displaying beautiful muted tapestries from their new ' Renaissance' collection:

I particularly liked 'Firenze'

Blendworth were layering fabrics (from their new collection in collaboration with Wedgwood) to show their cosy side ready for Autumn / Winter:

Wedgwood Home

Bethan Gray's new collection was entrancing. I adored these gorgeous little side tables with metal-shod feet and decorative leather work:

Liberty Art Fabrics
Liberty fabrics were new at Decorex and I loved their stand. 
I am old enough to feel nostalgic about Liberty prints having first worn Liberty as a bridesmaid courtesy of my fashionable mum: 
Liberty love
Liberty is one of those brands that exudes quality and heritage yet manages to be a brand that keeps on giving and holding it's own - it is always in fashion both for dress and soft furnishing fabrics.

Fabulous feathered pendant lights at Graham and Green
Graham and Green were also new at Decorex and I enjoyed seeing their homeware come off the page of a catalogue to create a memorable room set.

Sophisticated butterfly prints and vintage-style wall mirrors
Up to the minute mirrors
Naomi Paul's crocheted lighting was breathtaking and is well and truly on my covetable list:

Truly desirable artisan pieces

In a range of colours

Lighting was particularly strong or maybe my head is just always turned by good lighting? 
Either way take a look at my pick of the lighting at Decorex (including above of course):

Bert Frank

Perfect combination of function and form

Pick of the rest of the lighting:

So beautiful

At the dinner table you would only have eyes for these lights
Lighting can be fun

Little Greene had an eye-catching stand as always; this year championing their new collection of Blues:

Furniture you want to touch
Pinch's corner plot showed off their beautifully conceived and honed furniture. Pinch produce pieces you will want to use for ever and I was particularly taken with this table and chairs; perfect for one of my clients.
I also spotted this finely detailed chair elsewhere.

Gainsborough went to town with a four poster dripping in fine silk drapery which showed off their fabrics to best advantage. I did find myself wondering if anyone would notice if I took a quick kip but chickened it:

Gainsborough also put on a fine weaving display as part of this year's Decorex.

Further riches were to be found in the wallpaper display by de Gournay:

Glowing wallpaper by de Gournay

Ian Mankin have gone all British with their new collection 'Britannia' - eminently useable and I love their new dark navy:

Clarke and Clarke too have introduced a collection with heavy linen back cloth in line with the continuing popularity of natural fabrics:

At the other end of the spectrum Clarke and Clarke produced a splash of colour 

Ian Sanderson's stand showed their 'Indigo' collection off to perfection. 
I'm a big fan of the variety of interest in the textures incorporated into Ian Sanderson's latest and also their 'Oleander' collection from last year:

My fondness for pattern and texture was also fed by Rapture & Wright's stand which showed off their inimitable patterns to great effect:


New wood kid on the block Rainleaf showed off their product in a simplistically stylish way.



Of course Bert & May had a stand as well as their Box:



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