Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Chair Lust

This week I am guilty of    CHAIR LUST

I just happened to glance into the inviting window of a local Charity shop during my lunch break and I beheld a thing of great beauty. 

Well strictly speaking at present it looks awful...

but believe me when I say this object of my lust is an ugly duckling waiting to be a beautiful swan...

This thing is a    CHAIR

I think it is a 1920s chair


Imagine the CHAIR dressed in a natty navy and cream stripe, with navy piping and with this as a trim:

  stripes...... and continuing on the navy theme......


or both......



All courtesy of Baker Lifestyle fabric library at

How would it be if I dressed the CHAIR in one of the following:

   this one with yellow buttons and piping   or purple buttons and piping

  keep it simple with self-piping and buttons; very sweet

or go dotty with spotty fabric       in any colour

would this work? -     yes I think so with cool cream buttons and piping

and what about the Midas touch -
   or squiggly stripes 
 or dare to keep it plain with conrasting black piping and buttons -

hmmm I think that may be my favourite


Unfortunately this story of CHAIR LUST does not have a happy ending

for the moment I caught sight of the CHAIR  I also

caught sight of the said   CHAIR 's       SOLD SIGN


how I wept

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