Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Picture courtesy of Anaglypta
I have just been thinking about the design of a narrow hallway leading to a Home Office. 

I am considering using Anaglypta below the dado rail to provide a practical wall covering against scuffs and scratches.

[Anaglypta as a brand is now in its 126th year, so it has form. It is paintable. It is the result of a process developed by Thomas Palmer in the late 19th Century to make an embossed paper. 
Today's Anaglypta has been tweaked until it is available in a range of materials including a super tough textile reinforced paper]

This will be painted in a pop of colour to bring it bang up to date and this is where Anaglypta comes into it's own. 

Paired with a fabulous more decorative, possibly geometric?, wallpaper above the rail will look stunning in my view.

However, I believe (like David Nichols in his article  in the Telegraph - see link below) that Anaglypta is a marmite wall covering. Personally I like it and think that used in the right place (sparingly) it can look fabulous.
What is your view?
Photo courtesy of Rockett St George

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