Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tracks in Bay Windows

Yesterday Emma Painter Interior Design fitted a fairly large bay track (over 5 metres long) into a bay with 8 angles and shaped rather like a shell. The track was corded and operational from both sides.

This was a prime example of choosing the right kit for the job. There are so many products online these days and so many self-professed DIYers. With so much available information a person can be forgiven for thinking they can do anything if they try.

However, this was definitely a job for the professionals. Millimetre perfect measuring of the bay measurements and angles was crucial in achieving the perfect fit because the client had spent valuable time and money on a beautiful bay window and  didn't want to be distracted by what was in front of it in a bad way. A discreet but operational track was fit for purpose in this case.

Once measurements had been double and triple checked, watching out for protruding handles and how the track should be fixed (including what was behind the ceiling it was being fixed to) and so on.. the measurements were transformed into the finished article by a bespoke professional team, each angle precisely bent for the most precise fit with 2 or 3 conversations along the way to make sure that we came up with the best possible solution.

On the day of fitting props were used by a professional fitter to position the track precisely to avoid said protruding handles and to achieve a careful balance of the visual and operational. An hour or maybe an hour and a half of careful fixing to a variety of materials using carefully selected fixings for brackets in each case (par for the course in any building) and the track was up ready for the professionally specified and handmade interlined curtains.

Have I used the word 'professional' too many times in this post? I don't think so, no. Just as the track and curtains are fit for purpose so too are all the people who have been involved in this project from start to finish.

For those of you who wonder where your money goes in these cases - there it is! Don't ever be afraid to call in the professionals when they are needed.. you will be delighted with a good job well done.

Spot the track in this beautifully crafted bay window

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