Monday, 16 March 2015

Spring in my Step..part 2

Before another month has disappeared.. here is a round-up of the rest of my Surface experience:

The most beautiful Italian stone wares from E90 Italian Stone Factory, which works with marble, granite, stone, Quartz, stone resin and marble cement to create everything from construction to bespoke bathroom items:

I fell in love with the gorgeous glass at Rough Old Glass and cannot wait to use some of this in a project:

And I honestly felt like Alice in Wonderland when I walked into Daedalian Glass Studios' stand. I did not know what was possible until I saw some of these glass panels. The skill and design genius that goes into each and every bespoke item is breathtaking:

Quirky way of displaying surfaces at Geaves who provide specialist surface solutions for retail, commercial and domestic interiors.

Mundy Veneer showed off an incredible birch bark veneered surface available as wall panels which just made you want to reach out and touch...

Through the window GLAAST was looking good with a fabulously conceived stand. 
Visit Spectral Lighting for out of the ordinary light fittings. Loved these circular lights and can imagine them creating a huge impact in any space.

I dropped in on a talk on Concrete for a while. This is such a versatile surface treatment and the talk took a tour through applications from flooring options (for example 'stamped' concrete flooring which can be used inside and outside) to architectural use, with some pictures of spectacular buildings.

ARMATILE showed off some great geometrics:

Another eye-catching stand was that of TRENDCOR:


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