Sunday, 6 October 2013


2 SUNDAYS AGO I dragged myself (yes I know not very glamorous) from bed to train to London to catch a touch of London Design week.

I think a 5 month combo of work, extra commute and making sure my house gets built is starting to have an effect on me. 

I usually leap out of bed when there's a prospect of a day soaking up interior design, but this year - nah... a struggle!

So anyway, I started at Focus,Chelsea Harbour.

It was a little on the quiet side here which, in my current sloth-like state, suited me fine - 
Plenty of space to take it all in.
A glass of champagne first at Sanderson (thank you Janice) truly helped me on my way.


At my beloved Zoffany neutrals were in evidence, with an emphasis on texture: 

I love Zoffany's new 'Tespi' collection,

Particularly the Venetian inspired velvet below -

I found myself wondering whether anyone would mind if I just spent the whole day in this chair?

Subtle, understated, but still beautifully saturated rich colouring.



Sanderson was restfully pretty too. 

Their new velvet is one to look out for; as seen on this sofa left and below:

The velvet has a massive rub test (i.e.. built to last)and has enormous depth, reflecting light differently from every angle. Great range of colours too.

Sanderson's new 'Aegean' Collection below is not a personal favourite, but has lots to offer:


I must admit that I still lust after Cole & Son's wallpapers:

I think it is the sheer quality that attracts me like 
a moth to a flame!


Harlequin were looking texturally good too, with a particularly striking wallpaper displayed on the walls of their Showroom. 

Their latest collection is strong; toned down from their previous, and incorporating elegant patterning and a muted colour palette (in comparison to their previous collection).

The star of the show - this incredible wallpaper below:


I was also rather taken with this Hermes Wallpaper below with cleverly striking graphics:


Chelsea Harbour decoration this year included the following floating fish, mossy chairs and sculptural flower beds: all very organic and well matched to the furnishings on display.


Hospitality included a complimentary Nespresso and cup cake (courtesy of 'sweet couture') whilst taking it all in. Thank you!


GP&J Baker didn't disappoint. 

Some brighter flashes of colour here but not as bright as their Homes and Gardens II flurry of brights.

Beautiful Dummies


And game birds are still a popular theme, 
set to continue their run through this season.


The Silk Gallery still delivers what's expected in terms of sheer breathtaking quality and beauty:


On my wander round I noticed that there was a pop-up cafe/bar on the way through to GP&J. A good idea but sadly no one seemed to know what it was since it just looked like a display of furniture! 

It was therefore empty which was a shame for the two employees stood behind a counter out of the way!


The Showroom of Original Btc had, as usual, a plethora of inspirational and hanker-worthy lighting fit for any wish list:



 Living Etc ' s window display -
(one of my all time favourite magazines for a Sunday morning with a compulsory cafatiere of coffee):


I'm always fascinated by the intricacy of passementerie: 

peering into this kind of shop makes me feel like a kid with its nose pressed up against the glass of a sweetie shop - overcome with excitement and wonderment. 

The intricacy of display in Samuel & Sons certainly impresses.


And right next door was the wonderful Watts of Westminster, favourite of the ecclesiasticals. 

I haven't had cause to take in the rich threads and golds until now (but it caught my eye since I have recently been putting together a house for a Bishop).


I totally adored the vintage inspired fabric in the Lelievre window:



I popped into Mulberry Home to drool over my favourite sofa in Flying Ducks from their Country Weekend collection. 

I have used this velvet for curtains in a man's den before now to great effect.

Off to the Scottish Highlands for a weekend?


More boating themes were to be seen at 


And a truly gorgeous floral bouquet display at Turnell & Gigon
(my favourite of the day):


Colefax employed the same use of Swedish blinds as last year to display their currrent fabrics.

I'm a big fan of Colefax but whilst they look beautiful and show off the connection between fabrics in the range, it would be nice to see something different. 
This year it has lost its impact for me.

That said, their fabrics are, as always, fabulous.


Another glass of champagne and several totally exquisite canap├ęs later (thank you Focus, feeling much better now) I boarded the bus to whizz to Decorex's new 2013 venue - KENSINGTON PALACE.....


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