Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The cheapest home imaginable

I'm busy planning my house.

Yes my whole house.

It may not be a great architectural masterpiece 

And it's never going to be a 

Grand Design

But I've come to realise over the years that you 
shouldn't judge a book by its cover, particularly 
not where homes are concerned

And I've also come to realise that

a HOUSE is ALL about HOME.

So I'm currently putting the nitty gritty part to one side and heading straight to the end goal: 

What type of home do I want to have?

What ideally would I like to have in it?

Every day as part of my job I visit houses that are in the process of morphing to homes. Each is different; fulfilling the needs, always budget dependent, of the inmates.

My home needs to be comfy, restful, inspiring.

I need light, a place to chill, 
a place to dream and to scheme.

I don't want to be surrounded by too much stuff though I confess to being a terrible hoarder, so I need somewhere to hide it all

I need clever storage solutions 

Even in its infancy my house list is becoming quite long.....

I'm afraid I have already fallen in love with and bought a gorgeous light fitting from my second home, Ebay. Here it is:

Gorgeous huh?

I have been looking at tiles for walls

for floors...
For anywhere really

I've been looking at flooring itself:

At beautiful kitchens like this:

 though in reality my kitchen still looks like this:


(you see why I like to dream)

But still, I'm enjoying the process of planning and allowing my home to develop its own personality guided by mine.

And what's so fantastic about this stage of home planning is that I don't even have to venture out in the current constant rain. 

I can google to my heart's content - from my iPad, my laptop, my iPhone. 

It all looks wonderful right where it is, 

with very little effort on my part 

My heart is happy, my budget blown; but still I rest assured that my home is still in the cheapest place for it to be... 

My Head

For inspirational home ideas check out:

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Happy Homes to you


  1. I thought an understairs Loo was the answer until I saw those storage drawers! Great ideas, your house will be fabulous! M x

  2. Thank you! I just need my magic wand to implement the changes and then I'm all set. Eat your heart out Harry Potter x