Sunday, 12 February 2012

Out With the Old

Oh dear,  I fell from the Creative Tree last year and left Decorex hanging way back in 2011.

No excuses - just the usual of all work and no time at all for play. My creative juices were totally absorbed by planet work with not even a tiny straw left for blogging.

Hell I even started to dress like my schemes and scheme like my dresses. Still, now we are well into 2012 and my creative brain is buzzing with the prospect of Spring. For Spring read regeneration and growth. Yes I know the temperature has plummeted and new growth has been frozen out but still I feel the need to focus on: In with the new and out with the old

I am fresh from posting as much old as possible on ebay which has long since become my best friend.

Out goes the piano and last vestige of my former job which I fell into and somehow got stuck in for too many years.

Out go the old lighting fixtures from the last house that we briefly fell in love with as a halfway house between Shrewsbury and the sea, then rapidly fell out of when reality set in.

These 'old' things looked gorgeous in their setting.

Don't get me wrong, it was a very beautiful house with history

In an amazing setting 

but it was bitterly cold, needed a disproportionate amount of upkeep
and had mice

 The reality wasn't the dream or vice versa

So.. despite it's beauty and pedigree... it had to go..


Time for new - and what is out there?
File:EBay Logo.svg

Plans for extensions and new ideas for a resulting shiny new home litter every surface in our ugly duckling house in a new location by the sea.

 It will emerge bright and beautiful with a spring in its step

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