Friday, 19 August 2011

Today I got to thinking....

.. why I'm beginning to dress in my customers' colour schemes?

After my first few months as an Interior Designer I have today realised for sure something I'd previously been suspecting:

I have begun to dress in colour schemes I've created for customers the week/day before.  In some cases I even anticipate the day's colourways, subconciously picking out colours that will work with what I am going to show the customer.  Oh dear..

Each and every one of us likes to think that we are able to cherry pick from the vast array of clothing around us and forge our own unique personal style.  But are we pleasing ourselves or trying to please others by fitting in?

When I listened to Naomi Cleaver at Grand Designs talking about how we are all creative when we choose what we will wear for the day (poo-pooed by George Clarke by the way) I nodded sagely.  Constantly creative of course!..but how much do we consciously control and how much are we merely responding to colour 'hits' around us? just creatures governed by cause and reaction? 

Hmm... been looking at Manuel Canovas today... what shall I wear tomorrow?

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